CIG Wealth Management’s Investment Management Process

Wealth Management

Client Experience

Investment Management Process

A disciplined investment management process with personalized solutions.

  • 1 Introductory Meeting

    (Day 1)
    • Completion of a Financial Needs Analysis
    • Assessment and commitment  to develop Financial Plan
    • Scheduling of Data Gathering Meeting
    • Provide CIG Wealth Organizer
  • 2 Data Gathering Meeting

    (Day 2)
    • Validation of all information extracted during FNA & in Wealth organizer
    • Receive  Client Documentation
      • Estate Planning Documents
      • Tax Returns
      • Investment Statements
      • Liability Documentation
      • Insurance policies
    • Analysis by CIG Wealth Management Team
  • 3 CIG Data Analysis

    (Day 9-19)
    • Wealth Management  team analyzes Client data and Refines Client Objectives
    • Develop initial Client Wealth Plan – including (as applicable):
      • Current Investment Portfolio
      • Retirement Planning
      • Risk Management Analysis (Life, Disability & Long Term Care)
      • Tax Analysis  & Planning
      • Estate Analysis, Planning & Wealth Structuring
      • Business Succession and Option Analysis
      • Legacy and Charitable Giving
    • Initial Development of Strategies and Solutions
  • 4 CIG Case Review

    (Day 20)
    • Roundtable discussion with CIG Wealth Management, Asset Management and Executive Team which provides a true vetting process to confirm all recommendations are in the best interest of the Client and  reflects our best ideas and philosophies to meet Client goals and objectives
  • 5 Strategy & Implementation

    (Day 21)
    • Presentation of  Client Wealth Plan
    • Discussion, prioritization and approval of strategic recommendations
    • Execution of Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
    • Schedule 45-day Follow-up Client Meeting
  • 5 Implementation

    (Day 21)
    • Completion of all new account documentation
    • Execution of account transfer request authorizations
    • Coordination of asset/account transfers
    • Timelines  established for reallocation of assets to align with IPS
  • 6 45-Day Follow Up Meeting

    (Day 45)
    • Initial meeting with Client post-implementation meeting
    • Review Action Items completed and outstanding:
      • Review Client Statement
      • Education and Implementation of Online Accessibility and tools/resources available
    • Determine on-going meeting schedule (e.g. semi-annual
  • 7 Ongoing Monitoring of Wealth Plan

    • CIG Wealth Manager & Asset Management conducts ongoing review of action items to ensure alignment with IPS, goals and objectives
    • Ongoing team validation of strategy and solutions
  • 8 Risk Management Review

    • Investment Committee meet bi-weekly to review Capital Markets and Client portfolios for opportunities to protect and enhance wealth
    • Schedule Performance Review/Planning/Client Meeting
  • 9 Performance Review

    • Ongoing semi -annual client meeting
    • Provide portfolio review, performance measurement reports;
    • Assess progress to plan and make adjustments as needed;
    • Schedule next meeting as agreed